171 “This is a hot spring …?” Konkon and the source were sprouting in the square in front of the hotel …! “Germany, Germany

I would like to introduce the Iloilo town in Europe and Shimokitazawa, the end of the 20th century, who have traveled since 1990 in photos and texts.

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Good morning


It’s the beginning of a week!

I wonder if my child is still a break, and it happened to the last minute without getting up in the morning.

In my nurse days, I was busy working every day without knowing what day of the week was today.

And it’s a holiday! Let’s go out

I drove the car and lived in Shonan at the time, so I was involved in a traffic jam when I went to the sea to the sea.

Why such a traffic jam? ,,,,

Oh, 핸드폰카지노 today is Sunday! ! Lingering

I was aware of the traffic jam lol

It’s great to be able to work in Shonan if you think about it now! It was. I should have played more 😭

Now that I am studying in mother and child in Malaysia, I feel almost perfect! smile

And now it’s time to send the children and take a break. Breakfast

Plums and white coffee on the pumpkin 🎃 bread without additives are Black groups, but Malaysia is sweet even if it says COPI O (Coffee Black).

Moreover, when you buy powder, it is still a little expensive. 。

So, it’s sweet, but I will send my head to my head at WHITE COFFEE, a specialty of Malaysia near the cafe au lait (I’ll work !!).

Baccarat has started for a week, but let’s proceed with omission this week too.

Then again