“2022-128 Special Edition New Owasha 6.5 Machine 6.5 Is it the first hit cut? ]

Almost all of the infection contacts with droplets

Do not splash

Don’t touch your eyes and mouth on the go, thoroughly wash your hands before touching

And enjoy your spare time freely.

I’ve been hitting Inuyasha for the first time

Change the order significantly

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Ariste clat

Released in July 2022

Unit 6.5 AT

It is a model that has been talked about as 20,000 copies.

The return is clearly different from the previous Unit 6

However, investment is several times faster than 6.0.

It is a personal comparison with Unit 6.0

The impression is that the risk is doubled and the return is 1.5 times.

Risk is normal

The return is AT

If you hit

Personally, I want to put a cap as much as possible in normal times

Speaking of investment caps

Yes, the ceiling

Even though it is via the manufacturer, each company’s own research and somehow the information that has a mouth is aligned.

・ Normally 666 games pseudo bonus

・ AT with a pseudo bonus up to 8 times

It is difficult to control the normal times with these two combinations

Another one is

・ AT direct hit in 3000 games after entering the advantageous section

This is it

At the time when the advantageous section expires


The slash zone

Go to CZ with a 50%AT expectation

Assume this is correct

In other words, paraphrased at the same price

If you are not in the slash zone

The advantageous section is not expired

Button pouch

AT first hit 4 times

The slash zone is 0 times

And the pseudo bonus is being challenged for the first time

You can see that it was AT just before

Then, the current speed is

Cumulative counter is 2249 games

Big treatment 17 times

7 times regular

Although various theories are flowing

It is said that the advantageous section is cut off and entered the slash zone after 2500 games after entering the advantageous section.

If you combine this far

In the previous AT, the advantageous section has not expired

In other words, if you turn it about a few hundred games, you can get an AT directly hit and a slash zone.

Of course, if you are AT on your own before that

If you collect the number of digestion games from the number of games obtained in each hit that appears at the data counter

The number of games to the ceiling will be more accurate, but if the materials are ready, I don’t feel it.

By the way, the advantageous section expires

・ 3000 game ceiling

・ AT run

・ Acquired 1000 or more

It looks like this

If the display in the liquid crystal and the counter history are analoged, it may be possible to find out the timing of the cut.

Approximately 5.6 replacements, unlimited reservation medal reusable

61 games after AT ~

Start of battle

138 savvy medals investment

From the slashing eye to the battle

Is the red letters strong even though they are three stars?

The slashing eye stopped again

To 바카라사이트 the pseudo bonus

After the pseudo bonus, go to the CZ, which is an AT precursor.

So draw a rare role

The next lever is an opportunity

Aim for the bar


Dozens of coins are gone

Added medal addition 46

Did you pull anything or miss the chance?

The slashing stopped

Expectation Stars There are four enemies

64 games

Pseudo bonus

CZ as a sign of AT

10 Games do not cut in

Further 10 games

It seems that it is decided if there is no cut -in here.

Well, cut -in will come out


Final game

Gold letters?


20 games bonus high probability

It is important to connect the bonus anyway by stopping the subtraction or putting the number of games in this rush itself.

First one shot!


Don’t take over the number


I am from the 25th RB

What about the takeover standard?

e? Does not matter?

Well, it doesn’t matter if the number of ears is small

But take the next two bonuses

Finally the last

Also in gold letters

Bonus 3 shots

With this, 1000 copies

In other words, it’s a slash zone.

Aligned three times in 6 shots

So far

I personally get about 700 sheets

Shaba slash zone

Can I pass 50%expectation?

There is nothing until the last game

Chance I pulled

Open eyes

Against the slash rush

30 games

Hmm, no matter what you hit

Maybe here

Let’s see the suggestion of 50 games for the time being


26 Game pseudo bonus


Turn 50 games

Stop it

[184 copies of saving medal investment 1288 pieces]

It is good in terms of attaching an investment cap that was a theme.

I can’t put it out because I’m strength, so I have a high hurdle

Any model is stuffy

So let’s come!

This article, which describes the entire operation of this day, will be again …


Commentary article

Capture article

People who are good at slots are often good at articles

I guess the power of organizing the brain and assembling logically is strong.

Actions backed by the theory … I feel even longing

I remembered that I was writing

There is no practice without theory

The theory without practice is death

It was written on the wall of the high school club room

The high school is the best 4 this summer tournament

The lost opponent won and became a representative

High school baseball from weekends has never been supported

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