[2022] I feel bad! ? “Blue mini wallet” for adult girls

A must -see for those who are thinking about new wallets in 2022! This time, we will introduce a compact, bulky mini wallet with a stylish design. Please refer to refreshing blue -colored items, so please refer to it ♡ Recommended blue -based mini wallet recommended in 2022 ①CHIOCCIOLA 2022 Recommended blue mini wallet ② Ungrid 2022 Recommended blue mini wallet ③EFFFY 2022 Recommended Blue. Mini Wallet ④ RUEVIVIVIINNE 2022 Recommended Blue Mini Wallet ⑤Mieno Domestic Roove Puzzle Puzzle Puzzle Fake Round Zip Wallet Ladies Fashion »Wallet / Accessories» Long Wallet [Size] W19cm H10cm D2cm 8, pocket x 2, zipper type coin purse x 1, Fudari × 2 [Accessories] Save bag box * Color: as shown in the photo (actual photography) * Level: 1 to 1 (class N class) * Accessories: Save bag * High quality you can see by looking at the photos! And the real thing is better than the photo! * Get good products with affordable value! ! Dior Mini Wallet Compact Wallet Copy Size: 9.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 CM “D” Motif Card Slot X3 Snap button C coin pocket compartment X1 * Color: As shown in the photo * Level: 1 to 1 (N -class product) * Accessories: Save bag * All products in this corner are real photos. * High quality that can be seen by looking at the photos! * And the real thing is better than the photo! * Get good products with affordable value! ! Louis Vuitton Men’s Wallet Copy Portofoille Brother M63434 ◆ Material Taiga Leather (Type of Leather: Cowhide) ◆ Size 슬롯머신 10.0 x 19.0 x 2.0 cm Compartment with town [Related article]:

It was a lesson in the morning and afternoon of a slightly sultry day.

It is the one who takes a trial lesson this month immediately

It started today to learn in earnest.

Starting with how to hold slot tools and winding

We had you create issues using the basic shape.

While enjoying making things and enjoying chatting

Let’s go slowly! !

This is my sample

The challenge of this month’s calendar is “Dokudami”

I’m hated by the name of weeds

The white flowers are neat and “It’s finally summer!”

It is a favorite flower that feels the season.

If you can finish it with a wonderful calendar in May


“Clown and animals” perfectly produced like a sample

The clock tailoring has been completed.

For me who aims for quilling that can be used for daily necessities

You can use it as a clock for years

I’m happy. It’s worth thinking hard.

CHIAKI*Mysterious dandelion cotton 모바일카지노 hair from lecturer

(This is not quilling.

One hour later, it changed like this.

Huh ~ wonder? ? alive? ?

Let’s observe every day.

Thank you.

Next month will be Saturday, May 21st.

Thank you for 2 hours in the hot weather.

I’m Susumu Shirasu, a paper quilling instructor.