“2022 Round 4 Manila Part 3”

Is it a return edition?

In this game, I lost halfway and settled once.

I had time, so it was good to go around even in a flat place, so I had a lot of time, and I felt like I changed the schedule after tomorrow and changed to a flat casino.

However, I was surprised at the movement of Typhoon No. 14 after this, so I was astonished to see the net news.

Will you fly tomorrow?

Check the e -mail to see if there is any announcement from the Philippine Air.

I’m here.

If you look at it, the announcement of online check -in.

Ah, there is no problem if you fly for the time being.

But if you look closely, you can see the email at 9 am.

If you check all the emails that have come a lot, you’ll come from ANA and the Philippines at 21:30.

If you look at the Japanese ANA email, you can change your flight.

The air at 9:00 am on the 19th has been changed to a flight on the 22nd.

Hey, no matter how much, the flight schedule will be changed on the 22nd.

It’s not

The 22nd is the 23rd day of the autumn equinox day.

Eagle Is it possible to go to work at the company this week?

No matter how much the window tribe, uh 🤨🤨🤨

I will lose my seat in the company.

Not a casino

Rabbit information gathering information.

View new air reservations from the Philippine Air website.

Certainly, Kansai flights are not entered until the 22nd.

ANA’s Tokyo flight will enter the 20th.

However, to return to Kansai, you will be working on the afternoon of the 21st the next day.

Next, if you look for Fukuoka flights from the Philippine Air, you will be accepting reservations on the 20th.

The guys are childish to talk to sales promotion.

If you are in trouble with Manila, you can only consult with Atendman No. 1 and 2.

Consulted with Atendman No. 1 and 2 based on the information I checked.

What a reassuring thing

They narrowed down their wisdom like themselves.

After all, Kansai is impossible.

I have no choice but to head to Tokyo or Fukuoka.

Rabbits are too late, so let’s go to the Philippine Air office tomorrow morning and look for a flight to return to Japan.

We will also offer it.

The location is the Terminal 2’s Philippine Air Office.

He said.

I’m sorry in the daytime on weekdays 😹😹😹

The next day is the original return flight day.

At around 10 o’clock, he joined Athendman No. 1 and 2 in the Solea VIP room.

Get a casino car out and negotiate with the Philippine Air representative. The other party is, of course, English, and No. 1 and 2 in Japanese.

The content is the shortest 22 days in Kansai

Fukuoka flights and Tokyo flights fly for 20 days.

However, both are full.

It’s no good 🙅♂️

What is it?

However, I had confirmed in advance that the Fukuoka flight on the 20th would be reserved on the Filipin Air website.

ANA also enters the Tokyo flight on the 20th. However, depending on the movement of Typhoon No. 14, I felt that the cancellation could be canceled and the time could be shifted.

The person in charge tells you that you will be reserved on the 20th on the homepage, and start negotiations?

Currently, your reservation has been changed to Kansai flights on the 22nd.

It will not be changed to Fukuoka flights and Tokyo flights on the 20th.

(This is a problem, I don’t know the reservation system, I thought at this time that I wouldn’t be full)

I, why. Yankei comes out on the net!

Economy and a ridiculous amount of $ 1000 US dollar!

How about your computer?


There is a personal computer!

If so, please get the Fukuoka flight on the 20th!


Then the 22nd flight is canceled.


Wait a minute, Economy seats $ 1,000

What are the business seats?

6.600 pesos in charge.



(170.000 yen a little)

It hasn’t changed from the economy

Hey Ossan Business and Business seats

The seat is 1a


He is 바카라사이트 not there, can be taken at 3A or 6ⅾ

The rest is impossible

(If you lie, 5 seats are empty.

Thank you for your rabbits (20th burns), No. 1, 2nd, and 2nd.

The return remote was asking for waiting, so I will return as it is,

I was relieved, so I took a break in the ICOS with the remote

No smoking

Give it to 100p luck.

For some reason, I accept lucky money.

Where do you go?

What bother entering the toll parking lot and taking a break time

If you open the window and smoke

Hey No. 2 is a young shit, how many years old?

I can’t do that style because I’m weak

Then chat in the Solea VIP lounge.

Well, what do you do after this?

When I asked No. 2, I wouldn’t roll it today.

Then I will break up and go back to the room.

Well, there are some time, what do you do after this?

Take a shower in a rabbit and lie down.

If you lie down once, no longer.

Have Athendman No. 1 arrange a masseur and go smoothly until the morning.

Check out early in the morning 20th

Please send it with a casino remote

Foreign currency declaration at Terminal 2

Safe imagre

Gate 8 Put 2 in the IQOS lounge in the back

Fly on time

The same is true for Kansai and Fukuoka flights

Standing Fukuoka Airport ✈️ Arrive

Ride a rare century high.

Ride an unmanned Shinkansen from Hakata Station

Ride a half price crownentaxi from Shin -Osaka for more than 5.000 yen

Arrival at Kansai Airport

Set cruise control and semi -automatic driving of private cars

I arrived at home 9:30 pm on the 20th

I’m tired right now

If you tell your wife that the extra expenses are 200,000 yen thanks to the typhoon

I wish I had been until 22nd^_^

I was told^_^


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Side effects and damage do not occur, no fever and dullness -blood vessels and internal organs

It seems that there are various things from serious inflammation and dysfunction to sudden death,

It is said that the more you receive the booster, the more serious you receive.

According to the UK government’s latest announcement, Corona through 2022

The death of 91 % 온라인바카라 of death was the people who vaccinated three times.

The number of people who died due to unknown reasons after April this year is 24,000

We announced that it was over, but this extremely important announcement

It has been erased by the news of the Queen’s death.

Also, as information that does not appear in the news in the table, it has been vaccinated.

Data that about 45,000 people have died within 72 hours.

There seems to be.

Serious people in vaccinated as the government, doctors, and the media told

Every day, every day, the disability and damage borrowed under the name of the side reaction

As you can see here and there, the number will not decrease.

In addition to suddenly dying, the “harm” that occurs in the mind and body is

Starting with blood clots, myocarditis, blindness, hair loss, dementia, hearing loss, respiratory disorders,

Headache, fever, chills, body swelling, muscle pain, joint pain, nausea, vomiting,

Lymph swelling, unknown eczema, irregular bleeding, malaise, chest pain,

Lymphocyte decrease, cancer, leukemia, AIDS due to immunity, miscarriage,

Many are irreparable, such as stillbirth, sperm reduction, and infertility


In the case of children, eczema, autism, ADHD, depression, lethargy,

There are also reports such as allergies and killing themselves.

In the animal experiment conducted in advance, the rat was annihilated,

The effect has not been proven at all “to prevent the corona from being infected

Because I was inoculated as the vaccine (name) was told

The state of mind and body has changed violently from before, and the same as before

Many people who have become unable to live in their lives

I hear a lot every day that I regret from the bottom of my heart every day.

I’m sorry and I can’t speak.

As I wrote earlier, what I should be scared is not Corona,

A vaccine that is recommended blindly.

In addition, masks that are recommended to wear for a long time are also harmful.

The lack of oxygen and while looking at the other party’s mouth

Because it is not possible to communicate normally

It has a major impact on the development of children’s intelligence.

Vaccine believers will not have the ears to listen …

(What do you guys have for your smartphone?

If you search for vaccine damage, you will get a lot of information.

It is like a cervical cancer vaccine. )

Someone who started realizing that “Corona turmoil and vaccine are strange!”

I am fortunate that it is increasing every day.

However, surrounded by people who have been inoculated and those who have been in vaccinated

For those who are worried about shading every day

One thing to yourself! what! when! Will it get up …

You’re not living anxious days that you can’t live.

Is it?

So we thought.

He talked about the name vaccine that has already been taken into the body

How to protect life from “poisonous”.

This is what we human beings must work as soon as possible

It is the biggest issue.

To do that

1) Effective methods to detoxify the vaccine,

2) How to protect yourself from the shading,

3) The shortest way to maximize natural immunity

This is the most important issue that should be taken as soon as possible.

It ’s three pillars for him to protect life

Data Ellis Japan thinks.

If you are interested in what we are sending, you are already

As you know, those who first visited the blog

I will explain it briefly.

“Shedning” (propagation, exposure) is a person who has been vaccinated

By the toxins that leak from sweat glands and exhaled breaths (a unique smell is felt

It may be the case), the adverse effects of the vaccinator

It is a serious problem about health damage.

A wide range of adverse effects on the mind and body, headache, dizziness, urticaria,

Nosebleed, runny nose, body sluggish, nausea, abdominal pain, eczema, eyes and sore pain,

Various symptoms such as breathlessness, fever, numbness in hands, and heart pain

It is caused.

Unknown cause and discomfort that I have never felt before, etc.

The impact of the shading is possible.

There are reports that these symptoms are very similar to “bombed”.

Pet animals will also have the influence of shading, so

If the owner has already been inoculated, the adverse effects are made at close range every day.

You will continue to receive it.

Children who are ill, elderly children, and young children are particularly vitality and immunity

I want you to take care of your family so that it does not decrease.

Next, regarding “natural immunity”, I have explained it so far.

Like, it is the power we already have, while being born

It is the strongest power to maintain life healthy.

Therefore, the fact that the immune function decreases and it does not work properly

This means that the light of life is in the process of disappearing.

The occupation that feels the most of these abnormalities is a funeral shop.

Order of extraordinary coffins since vaccination began

He has been reserved for a funeral every day, and he can’t turn his hand.

The fact that an unthinkable number of children’s coffin order is being ordered

The voice was stuffed and talked about …

In the contents of the vaccine, besides reporting dangerous goods mixed in life,

There is also something that is intended to significantly reduce the immune function.

Many surveys have been reported around the world.

As a result, AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) and cancer develop

The case is increasing rapidly now.

Even in Japan, acute immunogue developed after vaccination,

It seems that there are celebrities who are in a fighting illness.

Please notice.

Corona is not afraid, but the vaccine is scary.

The cause of the decrease in immunity is dramatically reduced by harmful substances.

Not only, but also in everyday life.

Infectious diseases due to viruses and bacteria, intestinal environment, nutritional bias,

Blood flow disorder due to coldness and poor blood circulation, depression, anxiety, poor posture

Insufficient acid due to anxiety, chronic fatigue, poor quality sleep,

And everyday stress.

Even if most of the modern people think that immunity is declining

Not exaggerated. So now, now

Strengthen immunity! That is not to lose to Corona or vaccine

It is the most important to live strongly.

Return the story.

Nobody is responsible for “there is no connection with the vaccine.”

Obviously it can only be considered that it is caused by vaccination

Many of the serious health damage that has occurred worldwide and unknown cause

Death to be processed.

Thrombus, myocarditis, blindness, hair loss, dementia, hearing loss, respiratory disorder, headache,

Fever, chills, body swelling, muscle pain, joint pain, vomiting and nausea, seizures,

Lymph swelling, unknown eczema, irregular bleeding, malaise, chest pain,

Lymphocyte decrease, cancer, leukemia, AIDS due to immunity, miscarriage,

Due to stillbirth, sperm reduction, infertility, oxidation of red blood cells, sudden death, etc.

The most important thing to take immediately to protect the lives of your precious family

Three pillars.

1) How to detoxify the vaccine,

2) How to protect yourself from the shading,

3) The shortest and strongest method for strengthening natural immunity

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