“Delicious and favorite and favorite ♡”

Today’s breakfast.

Robuchon’s mushroom clock mush.

The mushrooms are also made in the salad. (There was nothing else to put on, not dare, but laughs)

The juice of Nihonbashi Senbikiya is delicious and surprised.

I don’t usually drink juice, but I feel a little elegant like a hotel breakfast.

I can’t buy it myself, but it’s good for gifts. I’ll send it to my parents -in -law or parents next time.

It is very easy to use and looks cute, and you can see that it is popular.

My home uses the gray of clear and the second photo, but is it easy to use?

Glass is Baccarat Glass Japan.

The old design was used 크레이지슬롯 in the photos, but the 2022 Crysta is also wonderful.

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