Delivering plenty of charm of Sentosa Island, a resort island that can be enjoyed by children and adults [Real wife in the Japanese era] (with online)

Hello everyone. She is Mako Hoshino, who has begun to live in Singapore with her fourth grade son in March 2021 due to her husband’s transfer. Hong Kong → America → Singapore, we will deliver what we felt in three times, and we will deliver the real life of our wife. I was looking forward to it before returning home to Corona! You can really return to Japan! ? [Real wife life in the presentation era] In Singapore, a summer vacation mode is rushed a little earlier, and most elementary and junior high schools except Japanese elementary schools have entered summer vacation in Singapore (rather 6 local elementary schools (local elementary schools are 6). The summer vacation is over at the end. As of June). Japan is already in summer vacation, and I’m still worried about Corona, but this year the number of people going abroad will increase a little. So, this time, I would like to tell you the charm of Sentosa Island, 바카라사이트/a> a popular resort island in Singapore. I would be glad if you could take this opportunity to know that there are many other things that Singapore can be enjoyed besides Marlion and Marina Bay Sands. The whole island is huge entertainment! Sentosa Island, a resort island that can be enjoyed by us, as well as the popular Sentosa tourists in Singapore. It is a rich nature -blessed island, and the name “Sentosa” also means “peace and tranquility” in Malay. On weekdays, people are sparse, and you can spend a very elegant time reading on the beach where the sea breeze blows gently, drinking beer from noon at a restaurant along the beach. On the other hand, during Saturdays and Sundays and summer vacation, it is full of quietness, and it is full of local and many tourists. I would like to introduce some recommended spots on Sentosa Island. Resort World Sentosa Resort World Senta, a composite resort facility, is a complex resort facility with one of the leading entertainment facilities of Asia, such as casinos and the world’s largest aquariums, and restaurants and hotels. Among them, I can never remove it, but everyone who loves USS (Universal Studio Singapore)! Universal Studio Singapore Southeast Asia’s first and only Universal Studio Theme Park is an indoor roller coaster “Revenge Ob -Zama” with the motif of the movie “Ham Naptra”, and an indoor -type ride with a popular sesame street. There are a lot of not yet landed attractions in Japan, such as “Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase”, so if you like theme parks, you should definitely go there. In addition, the “Jurassic Purclapid Adventure”, which runs around the water with a circular boat that has not landed in Japan, explodes a jungle with dinosaurs on a circular boat! While splashing, you can enjoy a thrilling streak, and both adults and children are crazy about Hoshino family recommended attractions. I went there. The park is relatively compact, so I think that even small children can go around relatively easily.

The retro facility “Daiba 1 -chome Shopping Street” opened in Odaiba “Dex Tokyo Beach” in 2002, and the movie “ALWAYS Sanchome Sunset”, which was released in 2005 and recorded a huge hit, was a major renewal in 2021. “Seibuen Yuenchi” … [Photo] “Pachinko parlor” that has been showed on the front of Showa Retro! See all of the introspection of the “Kikuya Akishima store”. Facilities and works that sell “retro”, which are sold, are nostalgic for the annual layout. Young people are regularly featured in the media and are popular as fresh “shine spots”. Meanwhile, a hole with the theme of “Showa Retro” was born at the end of last year in pachinko, and it has become a hot topic. What is the relevance to pachinko? I went to the topic pachinko parlor “Kikuya Akishima store” to elucidate the mystery. About 5 minutes by bus from JR Akishima Station, which is invisible to pachinko parlors. “Kikuya Akishima store” is right in front of the “Minami Kyoho” bus stop, but as shown in the picture, it is a bit different from the recent pachinko parlor from the entrance. Ryokan? Super public bath? People who do not know are likely to make a mistake. [Photo] “Pachinko parlor shop that is too unusual” with Showa Retro on the front! Looking at all of the Kikuya Akishima store, when you enter and go into the center aisle, the Showa townscape has just spread! Of course, the pachinko machine is the latest one, but the signs installed in each area are faded retro -style. It is also full of nostalgia that bean balls surround them and appeal with flickers. Below the feet are cobblestones and faded manholes (carpets printed), and the ceiling is blue sky and aircraft clouds. There are candy at the prize exchange, and everywhere is full of Showa taste, and I feel a very fun atmosphere without hitting. It is a pachinko parlor that closes one after another … I asked Mr. Hayakawa, who has been the manager of Kikuya Akishima for five years about this idea and concept. “Originally, our shop has been operating in this area since 2003, but due to the aging of the equipment, we decided to rebuild it last year. There are about 800 new stores, about 1500 units, which are about 150 units. Although it was decided on a scale, it was not a hot topic in ordinary internal and exteriors, and it was not attractive. So I came up with Showa 인터넷바카라 Retro because it was a place where older customers have been attending for a long time. Although it looks a bit retrofitting, there are “Showa Memorial Park” and “Showa -cho (place name)” nearby, including the word Akira of Akishima, and the environment where the Showa is close is also triggered by the idea. “Masu” In the pachinko industry, gambling has been reduced due to the revision of the rules in 2018, and customers have accelerated customers. Furthermore, the store is closed one after another, coupled with the soaring plateau price. Looking at the pachinko parlor list at hand, there were 13 stores in Akishima, Tokyo, where Kikuya is located, as of 2007, 15 years ago, but as of March this year, about half of the six stores. As a measure to survive in such a situation, most of the non -pillars were renewed over 1 billion yen in total construction costs. However, it seemed that there were many difficulties in the process of proceeding with the concept. “Actually, I was born in 1984 (Showa 59), so I don’t know much about the Showa era (laughs). So I talked to employees in their 50s at the headquarters, Daiba 1 -chome shopping street and Seibuen Yuenchi. I went to the theme facilities such as the Ramen Museum in Yokohama, so I studied a lot. However, in the Showa era, the trend is completely different between the previous and second half, so which area would you bring? After all, the main is pachinko, and there is also a regulation on the industry -specific ejaculation, so it is not possible to pursue only reproducibility. It was difficult to balance. “(Hayakawa).