Hanok Chapel in the Yongin Gochogol Port Office established in the martyrdom

[Registered Cultural Property Walk]

카지노사이트 Catholic adults and martyrs. It takes about 40 minutes to follow the mountain road from the Kokgolgolsok to the resistance. It is also a good idea to walk through the pilgrimage path of walking walking, reminding us of the beautiful appearance of the old churches who had no old worshipers and worshiped in the Gokchogol.

At that time, there was a lack of fields of valley in the mirage, so the farmer lived in a large porcelain bone. According to the official record of the church, the classmates who lived in Kokgol Old Church were mostly martyred, and most of the members of the church were caught by Pozols dispatched from Hanyang and Hami when the etiology was broken in 1866 and was almost martyred. It is said that other history was cut off due to the fire. After the conclusion of the Treaty of Joseon and France in 1886, freedom of faith has been allowed, and Catholics come back to the high bone and live in 1891 and live in the faith.

In Yongin, there are many ruins related to the spread of modern Catholicism such as Eunyi Sungji and Songol Castle, but it is the first time that Yongin Kokolgol is designated as a cultural property. The complaint is a church smaller than the parish, and it leads to a guest or its area where the bride does not reside. The Kokgolgolsu is still a Hanok complaint that continues the function of the Gyeongdang.

The Kokgolgolsa Office was built by dismantling the Jamsil building, which was a member of the Governor’s house, which was the god of Jeongjo, which was in the nearby Munchon -ri. It can be assumed that it was built in 1891 through the statue, which is written in the floor of the building. In Sangyang Sukseo, it is recorded that the pillars were built on March 16, 1891.

The Hanok Building of the Kokgolgolsokjo has changed its private house to change the function of the modern Catholic Church. It is a building that reflects the regional situation of Yongin, which had a lot of Catholic missionary activities, and keeps the original appearance of the building such as the structure of the building and the flat form. In addition, it reflects the regional situation in which the early Catholicism was spread, and shows the transformation process of the house of the Yongin area and the transformation of modern hanok.

Konkol believers worshiped at the Kokgol Ball Service until the 1970s, but since the 1980s, they have been worshiped at the Wonsam parish due to the development of transportation. In order to save the value of the complaint, the Wonsamjang was rewritten in 2003, and became a prayer for many Catholics.

The Cultural Heritage Administration, which was evaluated as a building with a historical meaning and value as a modern cultural heritage, was registered as the 708 of the Modern Cultural Heritage Registration Cultural Property on March 9, 2018.

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There were many twists and turns until entering the United States, but anyway, our trip began. The weather in Los Angeles was good, it was good to be with Corona, and it was good to spend their time completely. I looked around the famous tourist spots, stayed in a good hotel unlike in South America, and enjoyed a delicious meal. At the time of the early trip to Los Angeles, the trip itself could not feel the influence of Corona. So I could forget everything and enjoy my trip.

Regarding the cancellation of the airline ticket, I was communicating with the airline, the subject of my ticket, but it was my girlfriend who changed the recent situation before me. She had a problem with Hawaii, and she finally arranged the existing ticket and found a cheapest departure ticket at the time and booked a direct flight. It was. So, I remember walking around Venice Beach and saying that I could not travel to each other more and bought a food and returned to the hostel.

Subsequently, she changed the ticket from Los Angeles to Incheon instead of the route she had booked, and the first LA-Incheong flights, which had been first changed, were not the final date, and the schedule was changed several times. However, this unstable schedule change was rather a phone call, and my ticket continued to change, as her ticket continued to change, and it was probably 모바일카지노 the process of gathering tickets that had been booked sporadically in order to safely return their citizens. The airline’s actions eventually led her and I at the same time to coordinate the airline and ticket journey. Although the domestic flights, which had been booked to move to take their departure side, were not refunded, it was a good thing that the flights that could be returned home were finally confirmed by the same flight.

After dealing with international flights and completing the trip to Los Angeles, we moved to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas’s travel plan was a bit unique: After traveling for three nights in Las Vegas, he borrowed a car to travel to the Grand Circle for a week, and drove over 2000 km and then to Las Vegas again. It was a schedule to come back and travel back to Los Angeles, the last destination before leaving. Her condition, which had to drive 2000 km alone because I didn’t drive, was important, and the period was divided into two because the period necessary for her condition was needed at the beginning of the move to Las Vegas. I just had to travel to Las Vegas for a long time, but our goal was a Grand Circle rather than Las Vegas, so I set it up. And before I went back, I thought it was suitable because I didn’t have to carry a shopping luggage while traveling to the Grand Circle.

Las Vegas’s trip was fun. It was free, there were many things to see, a lot of delicious food, the hotel was cheap, and it was a fun trip. In Los Angeles and Las Vegas, he stayed at a 4-5 -star hotel, but when he was in Los Angeles, he was a birthday, so he used a membership to receive free wines, and in Las Vegas, he asked when he checked in when he checked in. I also received a wine. I still speak like a joke, but we are probably the honeymoon of us. After traveling to such a small pleasure, I started a long journey of Grand Circle.

When I traveled to the Grand Circle, I started to see a noticeable problem with Corona. The trip itself was not a big problem. Until this time, no one was wearing a mask. However, due to the nature of the Grand Circle trip, I often stopped by the mart to buy food, and I could see the ‘mart writing’ you saw in the news.

The tourist information center, which should have obtained travel information, had a lot of closed places, and one of the famous Canyon was closed. I thought I should see it, but most of them were able to watch most of them, except for the Entillov Canyon, because they had no access control over the national park itself. I later found the news, but the timing was a lucky timing, and after we left, many national parks, including Grand Canyon, were closed.

There was a new problem since the Grand Circle trip went beyond the middle. There is a problem at a hotel in Las Vegas, which will go back again.

Las Vegas Travel is the key to looking around hotels that are wide open around the street called Strip. To do it, the hostel also made a reservation south.

The hotel, which was booked before returning to Las Vegas, was first canceled. The cancellation of the government’s casino shutdown order. One brand hotel announced the cancellation of the entire group through the notice of the homepage, but other groups did not have such information. So I booked another casino hotel for the second time, and it was canceled immediately after a few hours. There were only time differences between short -time group hotels, and hotel chains such as MGM and Sigers seemed to cancel the book. I couldn’t change the Airlines schedule in Los Angeles, and I had to stay in Las Vegas unconditionally because I was reserving Korea, and I continued to book Las Vegas. Eventually, the last day of arrival in Las Vegas, the last reservation was also canceled.

The restaurant also had a problem, and Las Vegas could no longer be able to use the restaurant because of the state command. Only packaging or delivery was possible, but we didn’t have a property, and I had to eat, so I packed the menu I wanted to eat and ate it in the car. I found out that I could use it for a dining table in the car, and I seemed to be able to use a long plate that was included for sharing the trunk space, and I took it out and put it on my knees and ate it.

It was a poor environment, but one of the most memorable meals that I had eaten together since I met her is considered to be a meal I ate in the car. If you only see half of Las Vegas, if you go to Las Vegas again, this restaurant will definitely visit again.

After sighing after the meal, I looked around all the hostels in Las Vegas. Most of them were not reserved, and I found a property in the process of finding, booking, and cancellation for 30 minutes. It was quite far from the center of the strip, and fortunately it was a 15 -minute walk from the car rental office. It was a lodging with a simple kitchen, and it was a decent condition for us who couldn’t go to the restaurant. I confirmed that I made a reservation and called the hostel first before the actual booking. ‘Is it really possible to make a reservation?’, ‘I have been canceled 3 times. I’m asking again, but is it really a reservation? ‘ I asked about this three times, and I made a reservation immediately after being convinced. It was not a casino hotel, and it was a residence -like accommodation for people who stayed in organs. Since the flight was fixed, there was no other option, and three nights were confirmed in Las Vegas, which was turned off.

After preparing for three days when there was a car, I had to return my car, and I went to a Korean hypermarket because I confirmed that the local mart was already empty in the Grand Circle. After all, most of the storage such as pasta is sold. There was little to live. Still, there are some milk kits that I won’t eat unless I am Korean, and I have some Japanese Hambans that have been alienated in the corner, and only spicy ramen including toxic bibim noodles are not sold out. It was swept up in the period of time to endure. For three days, he spent three days without going out in Las Vegas. To be precise, I didn’t go out of the door.

When I left Las Vegas, I could feel the aftermath. The slot machines at the brilliant Las Vegas airport were turned off, and many lines were canceled or delayed. Most of the shops in the airport have been closed, except for some essential shops. She was able to arrive at the airport hotel in Los Angeles at almost midnight in the evening. It was a moment when I couldn’t rest assured until the end.

Small episodes are endless. In the meantime, I found that the carrier was broken at Los Angeles Airport, received it and received it, and first arrived and checked in. The next morning, the hotel breakfast was a buffet, but I couldn’t seat it, so I pressed it in the tray as much as possible and took it to the 3rd to 4th floors and took it to the room and ate it.

I didn’t have a mask until the day of the plane, and I couldn’t get a mask, but I met a student who had a lot of masks in the travel community and received a mask. As we saw in the news, some Chinese were wearing a dressed dress and flying plane, and it was awkward to see the excited airport sinking.

So we returned to Korea at the end of March, and our trip ended. From now on isolation starts.

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