“I really like DOLL! Bru welcomed without seeing the price “

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It appeared suddenly and it was a shock that my eyes were nailed in an instant. This child is not an antique, but it is a replica of a doll in a studio. The main Bisque Doll Studio in France flourished from the 1840s to 1900, and is a popular doll among European ladies and daughters. What remains now is a valuable doll that survives more than 100 years and survived twice. It is a complete product with everything, and if it is beautiful, it will be traded at a very high price. I have three antique dolls, Tate Jumou Steiner EJ. In the past, I had a German doll, so I owned seven bodies, but I still like French children than Germany, and I also like old and noble children who close their mouths. The four bodies let go. Goche is already (real), but it is already (even in terms of money), but my favorite brue … the market price was about 6 million, so I couldn’t get rid of it. However, even though it was a replica, every writer’s face did not like his face and remained unrelated. So, he was this child who was thinking about her bruises to buy the real thing! ! The cover of the solo exhibition was displayed, and it was the top model of all situations of the exhibition! To be honest, I can’t believe that such a good child remains, maybe it’s not for sale? ? It was enough to twist my neck. This is actually a mysterious connection. She was the case when she was attracted to “Baccarat Yuri -chan” before she 바카라 was Old Baccarat ◇ Lily crest -like colored gold red beetle I don’t feel like it. The writer was called Naoyo Kusakari, and he was a famous teacher, so I was convinced that such a noble and elegant bru was born. However, when you let go, it will be a high -priced asset that can be traded (unless you sell it with investment), so it also has the same meaning as Birkin and Kelly ← excuse, excuse, justification. And there are many people who have improved the ptosis of the eyelids (Thami on the eyelids), who was afraid of resuming the doll fever.

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