“I was able to go to work on a bicycle today! ! ]

Good evening!

It is Aki.

It’s an empty Wednesday

What is in nana

With Black Jack

With Baccarat

It’s a roulette …

Oh, it’s called Ubonggo

There were also very popular mini games.

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Popular with customers

If you haven’t challenged this

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Because it ’s a habit mini game

Today’s nana





It’s Aki

Samsung Electronics announced from Galaxy domestic introduction of the S -pen -compatible Android tablet “Galaxy Tab S8+” and “Galaxy Tab S8 ULTRA”. “Galaxy Tab S8+” will be released from April 21 and “Galaxy Tab S8 ULTRA” will be released in late June. Accessories such as cover keyboards are also available at the same time, and “Book Cover Keyboard”, “Note View Cover”, and “Protective Standing Cover” are also available from April 21 as genuine accessories for Galaxy Tab S8+. Both the main unit will be sold at Galaxy Harajuku and Amazon and some electronics retailers online shops. Both models use a SUPER AMOLED (organic EL) display with a maximum of 120Hz. It is a form that has been decided to introduce the model announced overseas in Japan. The screen size/resolution is about 12.4 inches for Galaxy Tab S8+, about 2,800 x 1,752, Galaxy Tab S8 ULTRA is about 14.6 inches/approx. 2,960 x 1,848, and the screen also has an independent fingerprint sensor. It also supports multi -window, can freely split the layout up to three screens and display multiple apps at the same time. It is composed of a screen ratio so that it can be used comfortably even when divided. Compatible with the stylus pen “S Pen”, which is also used for the company’s smartphones. It is said that it can be written on paper, such as illustration production and writing notes on materials, with ultra -low latency 2.8ms. It can be used with the mounted memo application “Galaxy Notes” and the video editing application “LUMAFUSION”, and also has functions such as simultaneous editing functions and landscape scrolling. The S pen can be fixed to the back of the tablet with a magnet and can be charged as it is. The camera function is equipped with an ultra -wide -angle lens with about 1,000 pixels/F -number 2.0 lens and about 6 million pixels/F value 파워볼실시간 2.2 on the back. The Galaxy Tab S8+front has a 120 -degree wide -angle camera (about 12 million pixels/F value 2.4), and the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra also combines a wide -angle lens with about 12 million pixels/F value 2.2. It is a specification. Equipped with an “auto frame function” that automatically focuses on speakers. It also has a built -in 3 micnise reduction function, which can be used during teleworks such as video conferences. Equipped with the world’s first 4NM mobile processor “Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1”, the fastest in the company’s tablet products. Compared to the previous model, the CPU is 24%and the GPU is 52%faster. In addition, the refresh rate is up to 120 Hz, as described above, and the touch response is 240 Hz, and there is no time lag, and it is a quick response, and the game etc. can be enjoyed with high performance. The OS uses Android 12.0, RAM/ROM is 8GB/128GB for Galaxy Tab S8+, and 12GB/256GB for Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. Each external slot is compatible with a 1TB microSD card. Bluetooth is compatible with Ver.5.2, and Wi-Fi is compatible with Wi-Fi6 (IEEE802.11 A/B/G/N/AC/AX). Compatible with “Galaxy Eco System” that enables smooth connection and cooperation between terminals. The status of the application used, such as data transfer, automatic tethering, keyboard share, and PC second screen, can be used as it is. The Galaxy Tab S8+is equipped with a large -capacity battery of 10,090mAh and the Galaxy Tab S8 ULTRA to support long -term use. It also supports up to 45W ultra -fast charging. The body is made of “Armor Alminium” material, which is considered to be the strongest mobile device. It is said that it combined the strength that is resistant to bends and scratches and the light weight that is convenient for carrying. The body color is only graphite. It can be used in PC style by attaching a genuine keyboard sold separately. If you press “DEX KEY” on the keyboard, you can change it to a multitasking screen like a PC with one touch. The external dimensions/mass are about 285.0W × 185.0W × 5.7Dmm/567g for Galaxy Tab S8+, Galaxy Tab S8 ULTRA approximately 326.4W × 208.6W × 5.5Dmm/726g. In addition to the S pen, a USB cable (CTOC) is included. “Book Cover Keyboard”, a genuine accessory, is a US (English) arrangement keyboard with a stand cover that can adjust the angle. “Note View Cover” is a notebook cover, an antibacterial coating on the back, and a S pen holder inside. “Protective Standing Cover” is a cover featuring a sturdy design made from TPU and polycarbonate material. The company will carry out a campaign to present “Book Cover Keyboard” without all applicants as the “Memorial Memorial of Japan” of the Galaxy Tab S8 series. For all users who have made a reservation for Galaxy Tab S8+and applied from the Galaxy Members app during the application period. Reservation purchase period is from April 7 to April 20 (if you purchase at Amazon/Yodobasi.com/biccamera.com until 23:59 on April 20), the application period is April 21st to May. Until 23:59 on the 31st. Present products will be shipped sequentially from mid -June.