Louis Vuitton’s new Ladies Wallet & Bag Recommended 10 Selections, “Evolution System” Monogram Canvas and Many New Colors -Fashion Press

From Louis Vuitton’s Spring / Summer 2022 collection, we pick up new leather goods and bags that focus on Hermes wallets. Celine fake, especially this season, a wide variety of items, such as a compact wallet that is ideal for going out of petit and a classic long wallet that can be used as a clutch bag. “Pochette Trio” Pochette Trio 145,000 yen + tax size using three types of leather accessories that glow the maison icon Monogram canvas. In the new Pochette Trio, we used three types of iconic monogram canvas. As a set, a porch that can store essentials firmly by itself is convenient not only in a wrist strap, but also on a bag or belt. A new color with a perfect monograph 160,000 yen + tax size: 19.5 x 10.5 x 2.5 cm Louis Vuitton, a mahina leather (cowhide) with a perfect monogram. For a design that feels the freshness of summer. The compact size “Portofoille Iris XS” is equipped with a credit card slot, a gusseted coin pocket, and a bill for banknotes. The round zipper “Zippy Wallet” has multiple pockets, compartments, and card slots and can be used as a clutch bag. A wallet of Japan limited color appears Portofoille Victorine 75,000 yen + tax Size: 12.0 x 9.5 x 1.5 cm In addition, a Japanese -only wallet with red accent in a gray -based “bloom” color 。 All -white monogram canvas is faintly feminine and sophisticated. “Lv Escal” Lv Escal Portofoille Victorine, which was inspired by “squeezing”, 79,000 yen + tax size: 12.0 x 9.5 x 1.5 cm2022 “Lv Escale”, which symbolizes leather goods and accessories in the summer A good enverop type wallet appears. It is tailored on a monogram canvas with a Thai Daimotif, an inspired Thai Dye -Dyeing Technique. >> Click here for details Card case Daofine Mullticle 100,000 yen + tax size: 11.0 x 9.0 x 3.0 Card case “Dorefine”, an “Dorefine”, which symbolizes the Maison, “Dorefine Mullty” “Cult” is ideal not only for storage but also for coordinating accents by attaching it to bags and belts. The code of the “Dorefine” line is scattered, such as a design that combines monogram canvas and monogram reverse canvas and gold -colored LV signature.国内即発 フェンディ 바카라사이트 財布 偽物 ファブリック二つ折り レザー ロゴ入り 2色7M0339AJJ8F0TUHメンズファッション » 財布・雑貨 » 折りたたみ財布型番7M0339AJJ8F0TUH7M0339AJJ8F1HRH【製品仕様】素材外側:コットン45%、ポリウレタン40%、ポリエステル15%内側:カーフレザー100%サイズHeight: 11 cm depth: 1.5 cm width: 9.5 cm

Gucci Super Copy Imprime GG Pattern Big Fold Wallet Dark Khaki 224122FU49N3216

Product number: 224122FU49N3216

Color: Dark Khaki

Material: PVC coating canvas, metallic coating leather

Size: Vertical x horizontal x thickness

Approximately 9.5cm x 10.5cm x 3cm

Specs: File x 2, coin purse (button) x 1, card case x 3, pocket x 3

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“Norima Blade Fang” drawn on the cover by Yujiro Noma, Volume 27 (Akita Shoten)

The face art of the meal scene is no longer a specialty

Angry, impatient, laughing, eating delicious food … for manga, there are characters that show ridiculous “facial art” for various reasons. This time, he looks back on four characters who show the expression that readers laugh, even though they are serious.

● Yujiro Norima of the “Blade” series

Yujiro Norima reigns as the strongest creature in the fighting manga’s “Blade” series, and shows the most variations in “facial art”. He is the strongest, but he has low resistance, but has been bugged in various phases so far. In particular, the face when the blade was “Killing!” By the way, it became clear that not only the expression but also the skeleton of the face seemed to be already angry.

In addition, whatever, such as a bad smile that showed the strongest Chinese martial arts Emperor Guo Sea, saying, “I’m too sorry and very crazy,” and a loud laugh while tearing the sofa when I heard the contents of the blade. Keep an eye on Yujiro’s expression even when you are emotional. In addition, it seems that the “facial art” is increasingly powered up, such as breaking the enhanced glass in the room where the picture is located, and the scene where the blade “whipping” is eaten.

● Asiripa of “Golden Kamui”

Ainu’s girl, Asilipa (Li is a lowercase), who holds the key to the story of the popular manga “Golden Kamui”, 퍼스트카지노 shows an unforgettable “facial art” in each scene.

A intelligent beautiful girl with Polish blood, her personality is a man, but she mainly shines in her eyes when she gets caught in food, the light disappears, the face parts are gathered in the center, and the shadows are distorted. He showed off various patterns of “facial art”, as it became unusually thick. She also can’t miss her lively expression when she finds an animal feces.

The “face art” of Sugimoto and Shiraishi was getting more and more amazing, and in her official fan book, even a special page was built. On the other hand, when she was lifted by a “legendary giant bird”, she is a heroine who remains serious and has a variety of expressions with various expressions.

● Yagami of “DEATH NOTE”

The dark hero, Yagami, who colored the “Weekly Shonen Jump” in the 00s, also has a strong expression that the “Yagami Moon Facial Art” appears as soon as he searches on the Internet. I am the owner. He is a genius and beautiful young man, but in various brain battles about “Death Note”, the big laugh face of the super famous “as planned” and the eyes are completely gone. He / she shows off a face that is easy to use as a story, such as the laughter scene.

The moon, a super -excellent and friendly young man, began to make a terrible and more interesting expression after fighting bad guys in Death Note and L in Death Note, which began with her sense of justice. After all settlements have been settled, I can’t forget the distorted face of the scene that goes up.

● Takashi Muraoka of “Gambling Fallen Kaiji”

The characters appearing in the “Kaiji” series have strong expressions, both ally and enemies, but the Umbrella, President of the Umbrella, who fought with Kaiji in “Fallen Hitenka”, Taka Muraoka, the president of the back casino. He showed me many “facial art” in the game I did. He was the inventor of the two mahjongs, “17 steps,” and when he was cornered, he sometimes showed a genius inspiration, just like Kaiji, but his heart is a small villain. Whether it is advantageous or disadvantageous, smile and despair showed a sweaty and distorted face.

At the end of the end, he was defeated, and even though he was the president of the back casino, he said, “Gambling is illegal!” Every “facial art”, such as the expression of “thanks zero” that Maeda and others, and the scene of “thinking about marriage”, are impressive.