“Namba MG5” Episode 8 Tsuyoshi goes to school excursions and Daimaru crashes with “Western Japan’s strongest man” in Hiroshima! (Crank -in!)

The 8th episode of the drama “Namba MG5” (Fuji TV series / every Wednesday at 22:00), starring actor Shotaro Mamiya, will be broadcast tonight. [Photo] Tsuyoshi (Shotaro Mamiya) and Miyuki (Aoi Morikawa) go to Hiroshima on a 코인카지노 school trip to Hiroshima, “Namba MG5” Episode 8 Cuts ■ Episode 8 Synopsis Tsuyoshi Fugu (Shotaro Mamiya) and Fukasuki Fujita (Morikawa Morikawa (Morikawa) Aoi) The third graders of Shirayuri High School were to go to Hiroshima on a school trip. On the eve of departure, Tsuyoshi goes to play with Naoki Godai (Kaede Kamio) and Daisuke Daimaru (Shintaro Morimoto). Therefore, Daimaru meets again with his junior high school classmate Tomomi Mizuno (Eii Morisako). Tomomi is the opponent that Daimaru has always been unrequited. However, before she conveyed her thoughts, she suddenly moved, so she couldn’t convey her thoughts. Daimaru rejoices and asks where and what he is doing now. However, Tomomi says, “It has nothing to do with Dai -chan”, and it disappears in a multi -tenant building where the cabaret club is located. Daimaru, who is worried about Tomomi, breaks up with Tsuyoshi and waits for her in front of the multi -tenant building with Goyo. Tomomi, who came out of the store, rely on her relatives in Fukuoka to escape from a DV man who was a remarriage partner, so Tomomi had to live with her brother Yukio (Kiyoshi Tamoto) and had to move. Daiken to Daimaru. However, he said that Yukio lost in the slot at the moving destination and borrowed 7 million yen from a bad friend. It seems that the store where Tomomi work was also introduced to repay the debt. The bad friend was Yakuza’s son, a high school student Tsunadaira (Aoi), who is feared as the strongest in western Japan. On the day, Daimaru rides the Shinkansen with Goyo and Tomomi to talk to Ando. The three headed was Hiroshima. The drama “Number MG5” is broadcast every Wednesday at 22:00 on Fuji TV.

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