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August 21st (Sun)

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August 21st (Sun)

Neo One loss


e-Zone Kanazawa store

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Yesterday, Maruyun’s TwitCasting

We have appeared as a guest in the “Anne -san Movie Club”.

The subject was Willie Wonderland.

I was talking about a movie for the first time, so I put together my own impressions of the movie.

I couldn’t speak well during the twitCast, so I’d be glad if you could see the summary if you like.

I was very worried that I was writing something wrong when I looked it up again. If you are told, I will follow you.

It’s an aunt’s shit.

Wikipedia explaining the work by Willie’s Wonderland

English version and details are abundant here

Consideration of “Willie Wonderland”

~ Nevada of the stage-

The town of the stage is Hayes Building, Nevada

First, Nevada is one of the world’s leading sightseeing spots, Las Vegas, where recreational facilities such as casinos are gathered, and the entertainment industry and tourism are the main industries. However, the economy continued to decline, and the unemployment rate was 6 %, high in the United States. It is an area where the gap between rich and poor is intense.

Nearly 30 % of the population is Hispanic residents and colored people from Latin America, and there are many religions other than Christianity. Among them, there are about 1 % of Jewish followers.

Jewish Americans have a high ratio in the retired society of adults.

The Haze Building is drawn as a rural town in the work. Looking at the scenery and scenes, it is not visible to a rich city.

The house where the heroine liz lives is a traila house. The trailer house is regarded as the image of low -income and poor people in the United States, which can be explained that Liz is its home environment.

The background of the Animator 2x in Way Listed Wonderland

It is good that Tex Macadu, who gained status and reputation, acquired the restaurant, but closed the restaurant without suppressing the violence of Animatoro Niks. As a result, Animator 2x wanders in the city and attacks people.

He was pursued the city from the complaints of the injured, and in his subordinates, he had a partnership to monitor the city with his best friend Jed, a sheriff, and a sheriff with a sheriff in his subordinates to trade with Animator 2xes. Is doing.

I wondered if the security office equipment was aged, but I 현금바둑이게임 wondered if it was a deserted town, but the security office is for monitoring animatro 2xes, so there is no need for the latest equipment. It may be.

I think that the Eloise sheriff who traded with Animator 2x for the city, feed and monitors the role of monitoring is full of justice. So I picked up Liz and raised it.

It is her motherhood that she puts a stuffed animal on her straw sleeping in her childhood scene.

It may have been sandwiched between love for adoptive women and mission to the town.

However, Liz is not grateful for the adopted mother’s feelings.

It can be said that it is inevitable because he lost his family due to his adoptive mother’s strategy.

Regarding the cleaning staff who plays Nicholas Kage, his actions are typical “autism spectrum” symptoms.

This symptom is a type of developmental disorder that is characterized by the fact that the instinctive -oriented orientation is highly prioritized to prioritize your interest, method, and pace.

Apply the symptoms of the autism spectrum and the actions in the work.

I prefer to be alone ← Status at the time of appearance

Passive attitude interpersonal exchange ← Accept a request for cleaning without doubt

Understand at face value ← Makadu always rests, so I always rest.

I’m not familiar with humanity -I don’t hear Liz’s words that I came to help

Strong interest in certain things ← Pinball games

Repeating the usual movements ← Change clothes, drink energy drinks, play games

Having a huge knowledge of the area of ​​interest ← cleaning technology

There may be some exaggeration, but I also tend to have autism spectrum at work.

I was convinced of my experience because I was in contact with my colleagues and matched their actions.

Movie COMIC has been released in the United States

As the previous day, the person in Animatoro 2x is told

According to it, the people in the animator 2xes

They were all those who were seriously wounded in their hearts, committed murder and were sent to a psychiatric hospital.

On the other hand, Nicholas can imagine that it is a wealthy from the car he owns.

It is interesting to think that it was a battle between a person who was approved and loved from the surroundings in an economically rich home environment.

Battle between social disabilities tells you that it is important to sublimate the difficulty of living in a good direction to end with the victory of those who can extend your handicap as an advantage. Maybe.

The difference between those people who can live as a genius or fall as an abnormal criminal is that there will be differences between home and community environments and rich and poor, so it is not necessary to clear up the word self -responsibility. 。

By the way, it is painful to think that it is a flip of the desire to be loved by a person who was not satisfied with social needs due to the difficulty of living.

It will continue because it is long.