“Points of Ibis Summer Dash”

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Dollar Box Heavy Prize Ibis SD Solo Distribution

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Please leave it to us this year during the six consecutive years of Ibis SD.

Dollar Box Ibis SD 6 consecutive years

◎ All -hot one 〇 Lion boss with a strike in the main line

In the Ivis SD two years ago, it is 5000 yen 870 yen for 〇 ▲ △

9 Popular Beal Bar appointed

19th notice

Ibis SD ◎ ▲ Explosive shooting !!

◎ Lion boss

▲ Cappas hatch

Explosion all possi

Horse Ren 1070 yen

Triple double 9320 yen

Popular large gathering Kansai horse 9 popular all -possi is high in dividends in 3rd place

Specify an explosion by reporting that the high dash power may be at the top of the weapon

18 years of Ibis SD ◎ △ 1020 yen

In the 17th Ibis SD

Matsumoto’s visit to the owner

◎ ◎ ◯ △ From Fadesia

◎ △ 4300 yen

◎ ◯ △ One -in -a -kind 7210 yen

★ Mr. H Great Game Ibis SD Single Distribution

Pay attention to the mare who has won eight wins in the past 10 years.

Just as 17 horses are in the betting area, the mare is said to be a male male, and the mare is strong in midsummer is noticeable.

This year, just registration, he will be paying attention if 14 are mare.

Horse racing fan and truckman are also members of the members who bother the head,

Already scooped on the existence of “Sensei -class game horse” and “Geki Running Horse”!

If it is settled according to the information, the average dividend for the last six years

Because it can be said that it is “hobo certain”, the expected dividend value is high, so

It was decided to be released as a [Precautionary Prize] early.

The Lion Boss All Acting One Stands is likely to become popular, but the concern is 〇〇〇.

A Certain Kansai horse here and here is the title of the title

Is the outer frame fixed here from the speculation of the production side? ?

Provided July 31st

Provision frame 2

Offer price

Ibis SD

4500 yen including tax

Deadline July 29th 15:00

Participating course clearly

I would like to ask you to send it.


Ibis Summer Dash for 6 consecutive years

This year, 26 8 heads are excluded at the registration stage

Billy Bar, Ruggerero, can participate in one by lottery

Exclusive Apple Mijasper Jack

Teem Tokyu Hironotoulo Musukoro

Tomiken Louer Dorakusha

Popular is Senju Nao Meister Lion Boss Last year’s Katsuma All -A -A -One Stance

Idaten S win Mariers Heart


Anyway, 6-8 frames advantage Last year, Baccarakueen scooped the inside and the third place

Near 10 years 7 frames 33 % 8 frames 29 % 6 frames 25 % 1 frame 5 % 2 frames 23 % 3 frames are 0 %

Four out of six 메가슬롯 horses that become a betting ticket in the inner eyes are within 4 popularity.

The goodness of the horse is the so large frame order

The mare is strong

The mare is 22 % for the past 10 years, with 5 wins and wins.

Currently, two mats have entered two lines in 3 consecutive years, and are still notable

All -hour one

Last year was 3 years old and challenged 51 km and won this year 54 km

The previous race is the end of the holidays, and it will be 1 km lighter until the 6th place in 2 frames and 6 clothes, so if you draw the outer frame

It should be noted

Marriers Heart

Idaten S does not have the same win weight in the 8 frames to win.

A good game, especially Normandy, is looking for additional 1 year old horses

I want an advertising tower while dare ring tact


Although he wins three wins in the previous run of Milfarm, he will be promoted

In Funabashi S before two wars, the second winning horse was later in Hakodate SS.

Last year, I can’t despise if this race is 4 from the 5th frame


In the CBC Award, the top -ranking is the enemy, and the dash is the best.

Hana was caught by a winning horse and escaped he was also a record settlement

I can’t help it. If you catch Hana in the outer frame, you need to be careful if you use Nanako Nanako.

I want to do something here

Mountain Musume

Open with a streak, he wears 48 kg in Lumier AD

If anything, before going to Keenland for the grass on the clock

Considering the use and transportation, it is a little unsatisfactory in the 54 seconds range at Ryo Baba.

Cyt being

Surprising escape 3 -Ten dash in Idaten S is evaluated

This time it will be 54 km, but it is so hard to be so popular that it cannot be neglected

Apple rice

2 -year -old S winning horses after that, Naran Freeg’s 5th place in the defeated handicap.

It was harvested that the results were achieved in the 4th place 54 km that the previous run was seen.

However, straight horse racing is unknown and winning or losing is a subtle exclusion.


To be honest, it’s hard to change in the current situation

Anoula dad

Impression that Horse Racing for the first time in one year uses Keanland

35 % win rate within 4 in previous runs

Five or less in the previous run 8 %

Maria’s Heart Tokimeki Billy Bar lottery target

Lingaome exclusion Cinsty

In the stallion, he pays attention to Road Best Relief

Roadbe relief that is particularly less popular

This time it increases 2 kilometers, but it was great to be able to run in the 6 -second range in the previous high -speed record.

Lion Boss will run as it is, but 58 kg

This year, this year, it is 7 years old after grazing, and depending on the order of the frame, it may be out of the area.

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