“Takase -Casino-“

Takase -san

I ate “casino”.

~ From the product description ~

Takasezen originally wrapped with fruits with whipped cream and custard cream.

It is 235g in half.

The back side looks like this.

It looks like it will collapse when turned over,

But it’s the part where I like the best in the bread, so my heart dances, so

I really want to leave it in 바카라 the photo …

Return it back, carefully, carefully, and gently.

First from the chocolate.

Delicious> ﹏ < This sweetness is irresistible. Originally I like apples that heat up, Takase’s apples leave a crunchy texture. But it is good to boil it firmly. Here is a very sweet custard cream. The chocolate on the surface is also milk, not bitter, so It’s really sweet. Return to life ~> ﹏ < Next is white, sugar. Further sweet, It resonates in the back of the brain, It is sweet that penetrates the brain. I always say the same thing. 。 If you put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes before eating, The surface is solidified and crisp, It has become easier to eat. The flavor of apples and raisins is also good, From the custard cream in the chocolate The only cream of the sugar is I thought the sweetness of the apples would be clearer. But even if it’s so sweet I’m not sloppy & sticky It is good not to be heavy. … I feel like that It may be the only self of the sweet tooth. 。 Charge the energy to live. The fatigue was blown away! When you eat sweets, you’ll be crazy I realize that energy is full. Shout again. delicious! But I don’t feel like I’m a little tired. Maybe I still continue to eat ♪ Thank you for the meal. A shock experience! (Proof of Jujirushi, Mina) [Petepau birthday] Gift to all 6 members !! ~ RAPT’s dog Rapt theory plus alpha It was actually Chinese who dropped the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. ︎ Jinzaburo Deguchi and his relatives who are wandering behind the United States ~ 온라인바카라 Guest Rapt, kawata -san

Rapt theory plus alpha

Garcy is a Chinese Hanitra operative !!

The NHK Party is the Chinese Communist Party’s craftsmanship

Rapt theory plus alpha