“The kindness of Parlafle Throttle”

There is no doubt that it is a very bad summary site

There is a place to take up a low -profile actor like this

The 카지노 kindness of the parlofle throttle (laughs)

For those with a high profile, there is no annoying thing because it is spreading extra things.

How many are you?

Is it a good feeling of life without money?

I wonder if the liking is high

.. It is a retrofit, but it will be released on Friday, “Young -chan, sleep? It seems that it is a full sluro -chan who appeared in

‘13 The Beetle idling bad

Mr. S from Kakogawa City

The cause of the bad idling was the throttle body.

It is a throttle body ASSY exchange.

Completed quickly

Finally, the basic adjustment is completed.

‘17 Fit shock replacement

Mr. T of Miki City

KYB Lowfer Sports Plus installation.

Replaced front and rear upper mounts and insulators with new ones

Correspondingly replacement

Additional spark plaque exchange

Implements installation by bringing in

Subcon, throttle ring, throttle controller, rear doreco, etc.

‘14 Polo War Pump Exchange

Mr. K from Miki City

The water pump is damaged and the belt is not cut and cannot be running.

The axis is completely cramped.

New and old comparison

Of course, use genuine products

After assembling, the pressure test is completed.

2022 August campaign (ended at the end of August)

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・ Gassing capacity 320g time yield 175g additional amount 145g

・ Gas capacity 750g time yield 330g additional amount 420g

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