“The time limit. ]

good evening

Nutrition ☆ Death.


【Expiration date】.

I made it meaningless,

It’s a short deadline death.

Recent pachinko slots.

Because it is not what you eat or use

The expiration date is incorrect,

Here is the selfish [expiration date] of nutrition ☆

There are various new platforms,

When you notice,

I only do it a few times,

I thought.

Maybe the most recent best

Maybe Coledes.

How many times did you 바카라 actually play?

Because it is not counted

Death is experienced.

New things in any industry,

There is a new and old replacement,

In the past, one more model

I feel like I was doing it endlessly

On top of that, I sometimes made new discoveries.

Is it now that you get information on SNS first?

Even if you look at it, it feels only about “Hey”.

Something strange.

That’s why I can’t help but nostalgic.

So, the current Sourmers candidate.

Death until the dawn is dawn.

This time I stay

On the first day of Onimon, I passed without playing games.

He wakes up in 2 hours despite putting his usual sleeping pill.

As expected, this is a bit of a tablet.

This worked a little, and I slept well for 5 hours from midnight.

The next day, I got off at WaterSide downstairs for breakfast at around 7:00 am.

There were few menus, but there were bananas that were not last time. After eating, take two parks back to the room.

Once I returned to the room, took a shower and went to the rolling venue on the second floor at 10:30 am.

Well, the first round of this trip

There are no P -table with about 6 cars.

There is no customer but only one table is open.

I asked if the black clothes would open a new table, but started on a table in the middle of the game.

I went down because I had a feeling that the player was going to be fragile.

First hand

Minimal Bet Win

Second hand

Minimal Bet Win

Third hand

Minimal Bet Win

Fourth hand

Oh? Did you miss it?

Two beds Win

Fifth order

Oh? Akan Akan, more stretched

3 bed Win

Sixth order

Well, it’s more stretchy

4 bed Win

Seventh hand


8 bets Win

Of course, everything wins from entering

So the rolling is 0

Eighth order

I ask for 10 bets



First round 10 minutes

Rolling 10 Flight Point P

Winning 10 Flight Point P

Go to the cashier and have 6 flight point P, which will be used for the necessary expenses, be cashed back to your account.

The end of the morning

After that, Manila Guide contacted the hotel and met at the VIP entrance.

Get the remote and go to the green belt.

Do a single fee 2500p

It’s more expensive than a local taxi, but it’s worth paying.

By the way, Solea said that the remote was free between casinos, and Athendman said.

Rouviton Hermes Prada Gucci

I looked around in various ways.

I came last time about 5 years ago

At that time, I thought that the number of items was smaller 바카라사이트추천 than in Hong Kong and Manila was still there.

However, I was surprised to go this time. ️

The product is a full lineup except for Hermes.

Moreover, the customer is good.

Not lined up.

I guess it’s just right.

Is the customer base more local intelligence rather than a traveler? A family or a rich aunt group.

Most of the Gambler Groups are Solea brand shops, with many Chinese and Koreans. There are few Japanese people now. However, even though the won is cheap, the momentum of Koreans is higher than the Japanese in Manila casinos.

A little laugh here.

Finding clothes and bags that look good in Louis Biton.

Fiting to buy good.

Good clothes size.

Bags are good.

But isn’t it a little expensive?

Well, is it okay because it was an item I’ve never seen in Japan^_^

Open the shoulder back to pay. Lingering

There is no wallet

There are 60 pesos in the casino member’s wallet and zip lock.

There is no wallet with everyday credit cards.

I remembered

The key case and wallet without errands were put in the hotel security box.

You can’t buy anything with 60 pesos at a high brand shop.

I left the store to the staff that I had forgotten my wallet with gestures.

However, the eagle has been alive for a long time, but this embarrassment may be the first time 🥴🥴🥴

After that, there is no way to stay in a shopping mall without a wallet.

It’s a casino

The guide is a little bit with GRAB!

Oh easy.

Ride soon^_^

On the way back, I looked sideways with Okada Manila.

Suddenly there is a pepper lunch and a detour.

By the way, I contacted Manila’s Emperor when I was nearby, so I came to say hello to pepper lunch.

The emperor said that he was very busy today.

Please call the Emperor.

Do you have this taste?

Rabbits were completely different from Japan.

After a meal, return to Solea and take a break.

I forgot!

Today, I promised a meal with YOSSY’s husband (one who met in Macau once) yesterday.

What is your husband (whatever the name on this blog is OK)

I returned to Solea from Okada Manila and contacted OK for a short time.

He actually said in Solea to eat rice, but when he heard his current location, he was playing games in Okada Manila.

Then I will go there.

I’ll contact you when you arrive ♪

Arrived in Okada Manila for the second time today

Join in front of Okada Club.

OK is a two -night trip



As expected, it is painful for 2 nights and 3 days.

But this time, I don’t know the importance of 18outs at this time. No, I must have felt a little.

Guide inside Okada Club after meals.

The transparent glass at the entrance is closed and I don’t know how to open it.

A gesture called a card when the eyes meet with the staff nearby.

I see

Is the member’s card replaced as a key?

Okada Club was beautiful after renovation work.

I wondered what it would be to overturn OK for two nights and three days, so I returned to Solea for about an hour.

OK’s wife is a real story.

This time I don’t pull my husband to the night city^_^

Go back to Solea

Start of the second round

About half -game

The result is 0.2 Flight P wins

I quit in a hurry because I was sent quite a while early and it was a plus for a moment.

However, the second round had a bad winning rate.

It was good because it happened to be stretched, but it was hard if it came off.

After that, I returned to the room, prepared a sleeping pill, and went to bed until morning.

But I can’t sleep for a long time on a casino trip

Wake up early in the morning.

The breakfast venue downstairs starts open from 7:00 AM.

Enter No. 1.

After returning to the room after the meal, I took a shower and prepared my body, but I thought it would be difficult if the sleeping pill was still in my body, so I wrote the blog^_^.

I guess I wrote about 2 hours after all.

Since it was not written, I saved it in the draft and went to the rolling venue on the second floor.

VIP Direct in front of the junket room

A ridiculous beauty discovered at the entrance of the junket room on the way.

She has never touched ^ _ ^

3rd round start

This round was long.

About 7 hours from 11 am

I lost only the result.

Is rolling a deposit amount? rotate

this? There is a change of cost by covering all expenses in the rotation cashback.

However, I lost in total.

The loss amount is about 25%in conversion

I still can afford it

However, at this time, I was surprised at the movement of Typhoon No. 14 and was surprised to see the net news.

Not when you’re doing something like a baccarat.

I wrote it after this, but once a stay? Casino edition?

The blog is separated.

The result of the game is halfway lost and 4 consecutive losses^_^

Retirement of eagle casino 🎰