“Unpleasant psychology ~ gambling addiction ~”

Because I was able to pull it out!

I do debt consolidation after the third slip

Every time I opened my husband, I said the same thing

“I sometimes won!”

“Sometimes I was able to pull it out!”

That’s why it’s a word

Lose 5 million and get 500,000

What is it?

But I stubbornly believed

If you win, you can withdraw

If you withdraw, you can get a loss

My husband says

“I’m made to make a profit.”

“I still have a big hit”

“I agree

But the deposit is one minute, but the withdrawal is a few days, right? “

“yes “

“In the meantime, the withdrawal is canceled and melted.”


“That’s a trick.

If you can withdraw in 1 minute

It didn’t melt so much

I can’t stand it for a few days

Rather than 50,000 who won now enters the bank

For risks that can be done many times

You will want to rush. “

I didn’t want to admit

If 크레이지슬롯 you admit

It doesn’t make sense to do it

How stupid



It will be a poor psychology

No matter how much I lose

I didn’t want to be picked up by gambling

So even after leaving the cash card to my husband

I looked for a casino that can transfer online

The impulse of the payday is tremendous

At 24:00, I applied for a transfer at the same time as the money

I forgot the amount I lost someday

I remembered up to 3 million in 100,000 units

I knew how many yen I lost in dollar yen

But over 3 million

I don’t know how much I’m losing

6 million of this blog title

It’s just a guess

About 6 million

Maybe 5.8 million

May may be 7.2 million

Savings increase by 200,000

No one will not notice if it increases by 1 million

But I don’t know how much I lost

Even if the savings melt in large quantities

I didn’t feel it

Online casino started at the age of 23

I am 27 years old

How can I get my salary?

I thought after having a couple account

If my husband melted 3 million from the couple’s account without permission

I would have had a divorce consultation

However, I

It took two and a half years gradually

It melted 3 million

I don’t want to do an online casino.

The 10th day considering gambling.

Finally, 10 days, such thoughts are flowing in my head.

I try to write a blog if I want to do a casino, but I’m writing.

That means that there is a strong desire to do.

Even though 10 days later, I thought 온라인슬롯머신검증사이트 it was much faint

I still want to have an online casino.

Inadvertently seen youtube is the worst.

As I wrote on the previous blog, in order to click the fee

Change the money of the point back in VEGA

I thought I would wait from Sunday to weekdays …

As it is, the online casino is still likely to deposit, so I have done the cashing procedure.

But I want to say clearly.

I have to be patient

I have to get over

It’s really spicy.

If you lose now, you won’t do it for the rest of your life, and you should stop even if you win.

I’ve been repeating this over and over again and again

I don’t really know why the emotions I want to do still come out.

I don’t know how long this stop will last.

But I have no choice but to endure.

I think gambling addiction is really scary.