Verification, word -of -mouth, reputation, reviews

Verification, word -of -mouth, reputation, reviews

Verification, word -of -mouth, reputation, reviews

Verification, word -of -mouth, reputation, review

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I don’t know if it’s such a lie

Phrases are lined up ^^

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I want to say

After all

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that’s why,

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Perfect (?) For those who think that

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Can you really win?

I don’t know if I can really make money.

This is gambling.

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Grab the bangs of the lucky goddess!

Grab the bangs of the lucky goddess!

Have you ever heard this phrase?

I heard this phrase for the first time 코인카지노 during a meeting with a municipal IR (integrated resort) department.

When asked about the possibility of attracting IR from here, a man who seems to be the leader of the department, “It depends on the governor’s decision whether to attract IR, but I would like to prepare for the site in advance. There is. “The lucky goddess has only bangs.” ]

It has been conveyed that it is important to prepare so as not to miss a limited chance, but at the same time, I think of a shiny and long bangs with a shiny bangs, and “Don’t say interesting things.” I thought.

Apparently, the phrase seemed to be a man’s favorite, and then appeared in a couple of conversations.

Each time, “the goddess who flipped only with bangs with a vine” in my head (laughs)

When I looked it up later, it was a proverb that had the meaning as I imagined.

(from Kotobank)

Certainly, the fact that “chance is important in an instant” is also convincing from your own experience.

For example, the following scenes.

● In a casual conversation in the previous workplace

Boss of the workplace: “Which is better,” going abroad immediately in the game (digital entertainment) business or involved in the casino (gaming) business in Japan? ]

I: “It’s a casino business. ] And immediately answer.

⇒ As a result, shortly after moving to the casino business, I decided to go to the Sydney base I wanted to go to.

● In the final interview of job change

Executives “There are various jobs related to overseas. For example, 1. 2. Re -establish Australia. 2. Management of the Philippines factory. Cooperation business with overseas bases in Japan. ]

I: “I would like to go in Australia from tomorrow! ] And immediately answer.

⇒ As a result, adoption was decided on the premise of working Australia. (To the second Sydney assignment)

● And last year, at the current workplace

Manager from the headquarters: “Unfortunately, the scale down of the Japanese office has been decided next year. I think the number of staff will be considerably reduced, but will it still remain? ]

I: “High, I want to work here until the last moment. I still believe there is a possibility in Japan. ]

⇒ As a result, I was alone in the Japanese office, and I was able to continue the work I wanted to do.

“Instant decision (selection)” is very difficult.

If you have “good things” and “bad things”, you won’t get lost, but most of them have to choose one of “both look good”.

The moment I answered, “I will take it home” or “Please let me think a little”, the treasure sword of the Japanese salaried worker, I feel like I will miss that chance.

So, what I am conscious of is to always think about what is most important, what I like most, and what I’m excited about.

Then, surprisingly, the body moves instantly in a more important scene than you think.

By the way, “the goddess of luck has only bangs” is like “Grasp Fortune by the Forelock.”

The bangs are called Forelock. I’m glad to know the new English words.

Always think about being excited, and get the bangs (chance) of the lucky goddess! !

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