What I learned using a 14 -inch mobile PC that was optimized for hybrid work by adopting the 12th generation Core (ITMEDIA PC USER)

Panasonic Connect’s “Let’s Note (Let’s Note) FV3” is a 14 -inch mobile notebook PC that combines an ultra -light body size of about 1.034 kg at the lightest weight, and a powerful performance, Panasonic Connect’s “Let’s Note FV” The series is a 14 -inch mobile notebook PC that is strongly aware of the hybrid work trends. [Photo] The battery uses a removable cartridge type that is a little different from the Let’s Note SV or the same QV series for mobile work that is used 호게임 while moving, and occasionally used in home or in the office. The point is that it assumes a style to take it out. It is characterized by a compatible lightness, a large screen, and a spacious keyboard, and also has a more powerful performance and a convenient collaboration function for WEB conferences. The 2022 summer model was equipped with the 12th generation Core processor, and further powered up the camera function. This time, we have obtained the evaluation machine of the customized high-spec model “Premium Edition (CF-FV3ZRCP)” that can be purchased on the direct sales site “Panasonic Store Plus”. The CPU, which is mounted on Let’s Note FV3, is a 12th generation Core processor for mobile, which adopts the 12th generation Core processor (Alder Lake-P). By adopting a hybrid architecture that can optimize the P -core with priority and power efficiency, the performance has been greatly improved while maintaining fever and battery driving time than conventional models. The evaluation machine this time is a high-spec “premium edition”, which has Core i7-1270P (PBP 28W), which has the highest performance. P core is 4 core 8 threads, e -core is 8 cores and 8 threads, a total of 12 cores and 16 threads. The 12th generation Core processor is equipped with a boost function, and the performance that can be actually demonstrated is greatly influenced by the heat dissipation design and power settings for each product. In that regard, this product has introduced its own heat dissipation design and its own tuning called “MaxPerformer”, allowing stable and high performance. In the premium edition, you can select a high -spec configuration for memory and storage customization. The memory can be up to 32GB of LPDDR4X, and the storage is a dual configuration of PCIe 4.0 x4 and PCIe 3.0 x4, with a maximum of 4TB capacity.




The son of a signboard singer of the orchestra of the orchestra led by Colonel Tom Parker, led by Colonel Tom Parker in various parts of the United States, has brought a record of popular singers sold in the city. The content of the song was a favorite thing by blacks. A signboard singer who hates black music. In the story that his son has heard, he says that he is singing. And he says he will be on the stage where the signboard singer also appears. Colonel Tom Parker is interested in the story. He wears a pink suit and stands on the stage and is unable to sing because he can sing out and rides on music and sings his waist violently in the music. She immediately captivates the woman at the venue and a woman is excited and screams. Men who look at them and have a disgusting expression. The goal of Elvis, who is still underlined, is the black fellow singer BB King. Colonel Tom Parker approaches Elvis and signs an exclusive contract. Elvis entered the box office of Colonel Tom Parker’s Colonel, and at first it became a signboard singer as the undercard of country, as the undercard of country, surpassed the country singer. Elvis’s wish is to make money, feed her family and give her mother a pink Cadillac. Breaking up with the country singer, Colonel Tom Parker has transferred from a local Sun Record to a major RCA with the aim 핸드폰카지노 of making further money, and Presley’s record will be expanded nationwide. With the popularity of Elvis, the American conservatives began crackdown on Presley’s waist movements. Colonel Parker, feared by conservatives, stopped his flashy costumes as a new prestie and sealed his hips. Elvis, who is cheering for her fans to be cheerful, joins Memphis’s Black Street BB King and begins to sing. Colonel Parker puts Elvis into the army in response to the crackdown of Elvis in earnest. Elvis is assigned to Germany. Colonel Parker escapes the crackdown and falls in love with a daughter of a US military executive stationed in Germany in unexpected things. Elvis married and had a daughter. After finishing military service, Elvis advanced to Colonel Parker’s request, and at the beginning, he got a high reputation and became a huge hit. I got a Christmas special program, but Elvis wasn’t like it. The worrisome Elvis is collected with her program director and develops a stage unrelated to the Christmas special program. The crown sponsor became angry and Colonel Parker’s face was crushed, but Elvis’s whole program recorded a record high audience rating. Ervis, who is a mistake with Colonel Parker, plans a tour around the world. Colonel Parker plans to stop the world tour. Colonel Parker had a secret that could not be yielded. Colonel Parker joined his hands with Las Vegas emerging casinos and appeared in Eelvis at the Casino Hotel show. On the back was the exemption and funding for Colonel Parker on the continuous stage of Elvis. Erwis craved his long -awaited world, but Colonel Parker continued to refuse because of the difficulty of security. Drowning in alcohol and drags, Elvis, who drowned, declared Colonel Parker to abandon the contract, but Elvis had no money at all and borrowed Colonel Parker. The cause was Elvis’s flashy. Eventually, the days of re -contracting with Colonel Parker and flying around the United States on a national tour instead of a global tour. He had the attending physician take medicine to stand on the stage, and finally stood on the stage, and at the end he could only sit in front of the piano and sing on the piano.

Ervis Presley, a young day, grew up in a black -man in the black poor in white. His friends who run around and play are blacks of the same age. One day, Elvis is a young day, and the gospel moves on the gospel flowing in the church.

An old man lying on a bed in a special room in a luxury hospital in Las Vegas. Colonel Tom Parker. A vicious producer who is rumored to have exploited Elvis Presley, a superstar in the American music world. But Colonel Parker on the bed muttered that this is not the case.

Ordinance July 9th year

Yamagata Forum

’22 / US / 2H39 minutes

Austin Butler / Tom Hanks / Olivia Dehong / Helen Thomson / Richard Roxberg / Yora / Shongka Ducure / Alton Mason / Cervin Harrison

Buzz, Rerman, script, production work





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