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I’ve been waiting for you!

Released at midnight,

I read it before going to bed.

Rather than overlapping with my child

Hanakoi Yaruumi’s hard work

I’m empathizing!

Everyone is supporting you! ! !

The teachers are also good! !


To put it in junior high school with a high deviation value

What people who can afford money do what they can do.

To spend extra money called private

I want you to go to a school with a reasonable deviation zone

If you are halfway, go to a public junior high school

I’m the type I think

For the child who has fallen all

Some theories do not do their best in high school entrance examinations

I’m a little worried …!

Do your best to study for the exam at the full throttle

When you return to public school

The temperature difference from the surroundings is hard …

With the warriors who won the exam war at least

Shouldn’t we spend 6 years together?

I also think.

Responsibility for putting it on a ship …!

The story I started …? !

However, it’s still small 3

I’m going to a briefing from a difficult school!

I want to see my dream while I can.


It ’s such a girl

One of the reasons I decided to take a junior high school exam

I like the test

I’m going to take the exam as long as the schedule allows.

The national unified elementary school test is no longer an annual.

11/3 (Thursday/holiday)

As the upper grades become

It seems that it will not be accepted

I heard that only people who aim for the national tournament are received

It’s free, so unless you have a lot of things

I’m trying to open a schedule.

Last time, it was my first mark sheet

Without a big confusion

Get points that are not particularly good or bad

I’m back

Sapix Open 10/10 (Monday/Holiday)

Small 3 and small 4 can take the exam.

3,300 yen!

It seems that it is also a entrance test

There are only three school buildings in small 3 capacity (laughs)

I wonder if I’m 타이산게임 waiting.

Ninenken’s National Test Small 3 is Sunday, October 23rd (Sun)

This may not be accepted.

In late October

Self -school class division test

There is also athletic meet. 。 。

The school festival you want to go to. 。 。

Will you get busy like this?